What Am I Doing?

I'll admit, I was lazy the first two weeks of quarantine. I had just gotten back from St. Maarten and shizz was really hitting the fan while we were there. After having gone through four airports in a week, we decided it was best I quarantine for two weeks! I was drained, scared and the last thing I was thinking about was being creative. I am beyond blessed to be back at work (Texas Roadhouse and the occasional Uber eats). But with everything going on, I had decided it was best to not book any sessions until we had some certainty in this world. BUT.. I had a friend from Arizona ask me about photographing Lafayette and Purdue in its current state. I couldn't say no to the opportunity to do the one thing I truly love! I packed my bag and set out to campus on the one nice day we have had this April! I had so much fun exploring an empty downtown and campus. This got me thinking.. what else can I do to keep me sane?? SO I created a list that I want to share with everyone, let me know how any of these projects work out for you and show me your results!

Make a Tik Tok

Yes. Yes I said it. Make a freaking Tok Tok. I made a few over my two weeks of isolation and while yes, they sucked, it got me out of bed and moving! Do a dance, do your makeup, prank your family or roommates. But Tik Tok really is a great way to get creative.

Write a song

But Emily.... I'm not a musician?!? Well me either. But write a parody or get deep into your feels! And then post your song on Tik Tok... okay just kidding you don't have to do that.

Self Portraits

This is an easy one. This such an excuse to get dressed up for once! Use some natural lighting and set up a back drop! Pintrest has some amazing idea for creative self portraits. I'll post some when I get around to this!

Paint something

Literally anything. Paint a wall, a canvas, your dog. I bought small wood pieces that I plan on painting with flowers! Don't have paint? Use chalk or markers or crayons!

What Else?

Yes, these are all ideas you could have thought of on your own, but I still encourage you to go do something other than Facebook! Aside from being creative there is one more thing you can do during this time. Open up your Bible. God's word is comforting. Talk to him and spend time with him. One thing I like to do is dive in to a Bible app "Plan." You can find these plans on the YouVersion app in the App Store. They are 7 day devotionals about literally everything. There are so many to chose from and you can even narrow it down by how your are feeling. They dig into verses pertaining to how you feel. I just want to encourage everyone to spend a little extra time with God and take all f your anxiety or worries to him.



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