1. I am a senior in college. It's kind of a long story though. When I graduated high school I started out by accepting my admission to the Heron School of Art and Design. I only lasted one semester. I was not a fan of living in Indianapolis and I missed my family SO much! I then transferred into Ivy Tech Community College to catch up on core classes. After I was caught up, I transferred into Purdue University for communications. I changed my degree to Studio Arts and Design and later decided that I still was not on the right path. I found myself back at Ivy Tech just clueless. I decided on Business Administration and am finally graduating May 2020! Nobody has it all figured out! Don't sweat it if you haven't decided. A business degree was in my best interest because I've learned so much about what it takes to run my own business!
  2. I LOVE going to the movies! I seriously would see every movie if I could afford it! I used to collect the movies tickets, but I recently stopped as my collection was WAY too big! My town also recently built an IMAX, so you can catch me there on the weekends! My favorite most recent movie would be Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Tom Hanks is by far one of my favorite actors and the movie was incredibly tear jerking!
  3. I am obsessed with the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, I know you're judging me, but hear me out first. This show has been a reason for my friends and I to gather together once a week and just hang out. No stress, no school and no obligations. Just food, friends and a little bit (or a lotta bit) of drama! I look forward to Bach Mondays!
  4. I love all things Disney! I grew up going to Disney and have always enjoyed the movies! Yes, we still own them on DVR! For my high school graduation I opted to go to Disney. I bet you can guess where I decided to vacation after my college graduation too! This year in April I will be going to Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios (for the newly built Galaxy's Edge) and Universal Studios! This is an amazing opportunity to for my Florida followers to book a session!
  5. My favorite band is the Doors. Crazy right? Moonlight drive is probably my favorite song by them! You can find all kinds of Doors art and decorations around my room. I also have it on my bucket list to visit Jim Morrison burial site to pay my respects. You can thank my amazing taste in music to my awesome dad!
  6. My love language is acts of service and words of affirmation. I recently learned this on my trip to Nashville and why it is important to learn your friends and families love languages. Learning how someone feels loved and appreciated can help you to strengthen and build relationships in ways you didn't even know possible. I love small acts of service, meaning something small but meaningful done for me. I also need words of affirmation. I need to know you love me and I need to hear it! Figure out your love langue and those around you, it will change the way you think and show love toward your friends!
  7. Every job I have ever worked has been some form of customer service. Let's just say, I know people. I got my first job when I was 14. I've also pretty much only have had jobs that work around food. Most of my jobs have been serving! I have met some amazing people being a waitress and it has taught me a level of patience I never knew I had!
  8. I love games and puzzles! I rarely find time for these things but when I do its usually a blast with friends like people from my small group! I don't have a favorite game and I am looking to expand my game knowledge! Let me know your favorite games!
  9. My favorite food? The sweet potato. It is so versatile. You can bake it, mash it and make French fries out of it. But my favorite part? It can be made into a delicious dessert!
  10. I love JESUS! I have accepted Jesus into my heart and know that God is my Lord and savior. I was saved in 2018 and baptized in late 2019. The Lord has moved my life in so many ways and I thank him everyday for the amazing things he has done. I am a Christian based business and I do everything in my business in a way that I can only hope reflects Christ and how good he is.

It is always important to me to get to know my clients and my followers! I figured a small post about my life would help you all get to know me a little better! So why wait until Friday for introduction Friday? Any day is a great day to get to know someone!


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